Delete Instagram Account

How to delete Instagram account? This question arises in the mind of the Instagram user when the user no longer wishes to continue with the Instagram account or want to discontinue with the app for a certain period. Whatever be the reason, users definitely need to consider various factors that is responsible for their steps in discontinuing with the app.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking app that gives its users the facility of sharing photos and videos with their relatives and colleagues. The application can be freely downloaded from usual stores and has proved to be one of the most trusted app among its users especially the youngster’s form the age group of 18 to 29.

The application was developed by the Stanford graduates Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010 and was officially introduced as Burbn for the iPhone for sharing videos and images. Instagram is the combination of instant camera and telegram. Till date, Instagram has more than a billion estimated followers. Loaded with many special features like Instagram Questions, Instagram Direct and Instagram Stories, users share their moments and achievements, build relationships and make promotions for their products as marketing etc. It can be well run on Apple phones, Android phones as well as laptops, tablets and iPad.

Why would you delete Instagram account??

Delete Instagram Account

Whatever reason you guys want to delete your Instagram account or whether you have too much of social media or you just want to give it a break altogether, Instagram may be used for a purpose but it may cost you if not properly used. Here are some reasons why users may wish to discontinue the use of Instagram or delete the Instagram account forever:

§  There is limitless photo volume, so it is much time consuming for scrolling.

§  It affects social, mental, physical and overall health as a whole for prolonged use.

§  Privacy is the biggest concern. Users do not want their information or private matters to be disclosed. There has been cases of information leakage regarding the private details even by the Instagram so the app is not trusted with the data policy of the users.

How to delete the Instagram account?

1.    Delete the Instagram permanently:

If the Instagram account is to be deleted forever, then the users may not be able to restore the account as well as all the images, videos, comments and followers also. Following steps may be followed to delete the Instagram account permanently:

1. Switch to the Instagram and go to the Delete Your Account page where you need to enter the username/ email and password.

2. You will need to give a reason for deleting your Instagram account. Choose the reason that is appropriate to you from the drop menu. These include ‘Trouble getting stared’, ‘Privacy Concerns’, ‘Create a second account’ and so on.

3. Instagram will request you to keep on going with the suggestions but if you have decided that you no longer wish to use your account any more  then re-enter your password in the concerned box and then click on  ‘Permanently delete my account’.

2.  Delete the Instagram temporarily:

Temporarily disabling your account is a good solution if just want a break from Instagram, but don’t want to lose your photos, or think you might come back to it in the future. Following steps are to be followed in order to delete the Instagram account temporarily:

1. Follow the link www. Instagram.com/accounts/remove/request/temporary/. Instagram will alert the user that the account may be deactivated once a week.

2. Select a reason for disabling your account from the drop-down menu as in step 2 of previous section.

3: The password need to re-entered and click on ‘Temporarily Disable Account’.


So we discussed the ways to delete Instagram account either permanently or temporarily. It totally depends on the users that they use their Instagram properly so that such conditions
of deleting the Instagram account may be avoided.